More Media Services

MORE MEDIA System - This market exclusive system will provide your big ticket or high volume business with more results through constant visibility and flexibility.
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Media Planning and Buying - Logic and common sense is paramount to our clients' success. Each media market has its own dynamic and having a complete understanding is required to get more results from your advertising investment and maximize your success in business.
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Commercial Copywriting and Production - Attention grabbing, relevant and memorable ads get more results faster.
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Business Analysis - Sometimes you are so close to the forest you cannot see the trees. Maybe you need another set of eyes to help you see obvious areas of improvement or to identify creative solutions for your business. By working with all types of businesses, the advertising business is truly the "business of business". Combining that experience with dozens of years of running multi-million dollar media properties, you can get more bottom line savings and revenue generating ideas.
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Marketing Analysis - The biggest problems with marketing budgets are that they are too small and spread too thin. Fifty percent of it is working but you don't know which half that is.
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TV and Radio Station Consulting - Corporate pressure to improve margins and profits is constant. "What have you done for me lately" is the theme of the day. Whether you are Commercial or Non-Commercial station or group, you can benefit from an outsider's ideas and input. Maybe you need help maximizing retransmission consent or you may need sales training, revenue-generating ideas, market imaging or web development. By combining your skills with a company that has dozens of years running successful media properties around the U.S., you can get more out of your station and improve your future quickly.
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Web Site Design - Prices start as low as $795 for a customized, built from scratch web site.
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New Media Implementation - With over 2 Billion IP Addresses on the internet, even the best-looking web site will not be effective unless it is properly positioned to maximize page views from potential buyers in your market.
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Direct Mail Marketing - From simple postcards to elaborate 8-page, 4-color glossies, you deserve more out of your investment. Proper timing, layout and distribution are paramount to a successful mailing.
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Logo Design - Your name means more when your logo is memorable and meaningful.
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